Krisz Koch comes from a tiny town in Hungary with huge folk tradition: not only rich in folk dances and songs but its folk art, embroidery and painting is also known and recognised internationally. 

Her family heritage is rich in art: her father’s grandfather was a well-known painter still recognised and listed as one of the most important artists in the country and grandmother was a dressmaker although she did die at an early age. Her mother’s grandmother made a huge variety dolly clothes by hand despite of her bad eyesight. Furthermore, her mother’s mother was a talented embroidery artist and did dressmaking, too as a hobby. While playing with buttons, ribbons and leftover fabric pieces, she also watched those clever fingers colouring the lovely flowers on cushion covers, table clothes and bed linen. Unfortunately, her grandmother has never taught her how to sew or do embroidery, but she got so influenced for life, even as a child, she started to sew dolly clothes by hand.

Although she never studied dressmaking or fashion design, she’s been always a fashion artist: always hugely interested and loved every aspect working with fabric and making dresses for the whole family and friends as a passion.

After moving to the UK in 2005, she realized that her passion is becoming an obsession: she loved embroidery so much, that she started her own business known as KrisztinaDesign with the aim of promoting, creating and selling clothes, wooden gifts and china items all covered with the flowery motifs originated in her beloved town.


Fashion is a necessity of life: everyone wears clothes and likes to be fashionable – but did you know that fashion is a nasty industry. With such a huge pollution and an enormous amount of waste, no need to make even more clothes. Krisz became interested in sustainable fashion while self-teaching sewing and doing a huge number of online courses. As a runner and vegan, she’s been always eco-friendly.

With ‘motivum’ fashion by Krisz.Co, our aim is to remind people that clothes are for life, buying new following fast fashion can’t be an option but repairing, upcycling, changing the old into something new, buying classical garment with style can only save the planet – and humanity. At old times, people like the ones used to live in Krisz’s tiny hometown called Kalocsa, knew how and why to keep clothing for decades. They used sustainable and durable fabric and decorated every piece at long hours with their own hands so that the final product had a meaning, a value and became precious – even next generations kept and wore them with joy and pride.

Please follow us in that discovery where we will learn about sustainability in fashion and about hand embroidered motifs from this small country, Hungary which is so rich in folk art.

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