Embroidery from Rábaköz

June 29, 2020
rábaközi hímzés

This is the very first embroidery I would like to show and describe for you. Remember, my aim is to really guide you around in Hungary and the Basin of Kárpát and to present the colours of folk embroidery in my country of origin. 

I’ll try my best to write less about the embroidery but give lots of colourful images for you so that you can recognise when you see with this lovely motifs.

One of the outstanding ethnographic landscapes of the Transdanubian region is Rábaköz, which is located in Győr-Moson-Sopron county and its main towns are Kapuvár, Szany, Szil, Vitnyéd, Csorna. The Rábaközi folk costume’s main blossom’s period was end of 19th and early the 20th century. Kapuvár was the most developed so it has the richest folk art of all.

Early memories of stitching was with coloured fur yarn or red cotton, mostly on a linen background. His later memories were sewn on hemp canvas, also in red cotton. Today it is embroidered with Volga, wool or pearl thread. Its main motif is the five-, seven-branched rosette-tulip-pomegranate flower which usually comes from a flowerpot. Occurring motif elements include deer, pigeon, peacock, and two-headed eagle. The influence of historical styles (gentry’s embroidery and Turkish influence) is often felt. They are usually framed by lower and upper edges. Most of them were sewn after freehand drawing with flat, false flat and dry stitching. We also find cross-stitch and thread-stitching techniques.

The first 3 types of stitching were mostly only embroidered in red, and attempts were made to loosen the constraints of the technique with helical lines. Around Kapuvár, mainly in Hövejen, a really light white embroidery was made which was used mainly to decorate the headscarves. Their special technique is spiderweb embroidery with cut-out holes, sewn around with various thread connections. 

The traditional Rábaköz embroidery uses the colours of the autumn forest:
fiery red, burgundy, rust brown, brown, ocher yellow, brick red, lemon yellow, cream-pale yellow, dark green, grass green, ultramarine blue, light ultramarine blue, plum blue, black, white, off-white.

False flat filling:

Flat filling:


Dry filling:


Cross stitch:


Sewn on thread:



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