Have you ever wondered what sustainable fashion means to you?

June 29, 2020
Motivum Fashion embroidered kids T-shirt and shoes

So what does it mean to me? I’ve always loved getting dressed, buy new clothes but mainly, sew to my own size and needs. Each piece I used to buy was chosen with care, with love. And if I ever bought anything, I kept it for long time.  I thought through where and when I can wear it, how this new piece would fit with other I already own. I’ve never been a crazy shopper. And slowly but surly I moved from buying new to buying second hand mostly from charity shops, in order to help the environment, help charities and save money.

My cloth shopping story took a new turn when we decided to build a new wardrobe in our bedroom, a two storey one, the top for my hubby who’s tall enough to reach it and the bottom was for me. I had fit all my clothes there… with no success. So I’ve decided not to buy any more clothes or accessories for a whole year. 

This habit got so deep that I just don’t buy now anything at all! Unless of course I need to replace the broken or outworn item. I barely buy anything new now, if I need something, I go to a charity shop or I just sew something nice for me, I upcycle or repair a lot. 

Of course, during the last years, my body has changed (have to admit, I put on weight). But instead of buying new and bigger clothes, I’ve made the chose of loosing weight and eat healthier so that I have a load of (old) new clothes I used to wear years ago. 

If I get bored of something, I just turn this item into something new: decorate with embroidery, cut, resew or at last: I donate to charity shops or for those in need. 

I’m extremely happy with my wardrobe now: I love each piece and now, I’m not anymore after new clothing only if I need to.

I truly recommend you this way of getting dressed and you will discover the comfort and the good feeling of helping environment and being creative.


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Krisz, the motivum’s founder has started her new fashion brand with the aim to link the traditional with the modern, in order to face the new age’s people how much the ancient is getting forgot and loosing value while it’s still useful, practical, strong and gracious the same time.  

Come and learn how you can re-join, re-discover the traditional while recycling, rethinking and redesigning the modern. Warm welcome to our website!

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